Our sustainability strategy revolves around five key areas of action covering the three dimensions of sustainability – environment, social affairs and Governance.

Business/corporate management responsibility

ARGO’s business activities have a long-term focus. We pursue sustainable business development with the aim of creating added value and growth for all our stakeholders – tenants, employees and shareholders

Our Tenants and Properties

ARGO’s strategic approach is to provide quality housing with superior service and facilities to our tenants in combination with cost-effective operating costs and energy efficiency.

Responsibility toward Society

Our responsibility towards society revolves around two main pillars:

  • Heritage preservation – a significant portion of our units are in landmark-protected buildings. When renovating these buildings, ARGO applies the strict requirements of the landmark protection agencies in each city to maintain and restore the buildings’ grandeur while providing their residents a modern quality living. The planned development of our office development project in Berlin will highlight the historical importance of the Alter Schlachthof in the form of a newly dedicated museum on the history of the site.
  • Local business support – as part of the ARGO Tenant Benefit Program, we will collaborate with local businesses – gyms, restaurants, local specialty shops – to offer our tenants special deals, thereby enhancing the exposure of the local businesses to a larger number of customers and boosting their revenue.
  • Local community support – the planned office development project in Berlin will include dedicated areas that will offer free use by local artists and musicians. ARGO in cooperation with the City of Berlin will also create a park and a playground for children with special needs in an adjacent empty public lot.

Responsibility towards the Environment

ARGO is very mindful of climate change and focuses on energy efficiency and emission reduction.

  • 99% of our buildings underwent significant modernization that included thermal insulation elements.
  • 99% of our units are heated by district heating (steam/warm water; Fernwarme) and central gas heating.
  • The buildings benefit from more efficient energy consumption than customary in residential building.
  • We are fully committed to implement green initiatives on which the German government will resolve in the next two years.
  • Our landmark office development project in Berlin will incorporate state-of-the-art energy efficiency technologies and will incorporate vertical gardens that will collect rainwater for irrigation and a wind farm on the roof to minimize CO2

Responsibility towards Employees

ARGO offers a wide variety of employment relationships, career development and professional growth. We cherish our employees’ satisfaction and well-being and we therefore offer our employees a combination of professionally fulfilling positions, attractive and competitive compensation, and the opportunity to progress their career within the company.