Corporate Structure


  • Experienced senior management with long term committement to Argo’s stakeholders.
  • In-house, fully vertical management, comprised of 30 employees in 3 offices in Leipzig, Dresden and Magdeburg.
  • Significant equity investment by all members of the management.
Senior Management Team:
Name: Position:
Gal Tennenboum Joint CEO
Ofir Rahamim Joint CEO
Dr. Amir Ghahremani VP Business Development
Rene Deschner COO
Fred Ganea VP of Strategy, Transactions and Financing
Guy Priel CFO

Corporate Governance, BOD and Shareholders

  • Independent BoD
  • Qualified board members
  • Representation to women
  • Full compliance with Dutch and Israeli corporate code
  • Shareholders – reputable/ majority held by institutional/ long-term holding
Members of the Board of Directors
Name: Position:
Ron Tira Chairman
(Non-Executive Director)
Nir Ilani
Non-Executive Director
Lambertus Van den Heuvel Non-Executive Director
Monique van Dijken Eeuwijk Non-Executive Director
Peter Bodis Non-Executive Director